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Eris is a two-floor venue with over 5,000 sq. ft. of usable space for your music, art, or private event. Each floor has its own fully-stocked and fully-licensed bar, a Funktion One sound system, DJ equipment, custom lighting, and optional seating, and may be booked separately or together depending on your event size and needs.

Please find our virtual tour below, or skip to:

The Main Floor

Our main floor hosts our largest open floor and stage, perfect for events where everyone wants to see a performer, presentation, or other visual experience. Guests will enter through our rotating art gallery:

Gallery Space

Our main dance floor features a comfortable wooden floor, a four-point Funktion One sound system, and minimal side-of-room seating that can be expanded with premium folding chairs for seated events.

Main Dance Floor

Our stage is 23' x 15', with a backstage green room measuring 23' x 7'. The hardwood sprung floor is built for dance performances and a fully-equipped DJ table means you need not bring any audio equipment. Programmable stage lighting, a projector screen, and built-in audio monitoring allow you to offer a professional experience.

View from Main Stage

The Champagne & Techno Lounges

Our lower level consists of two rooms -- The Champagne Lounge & The Techno Lounge -- that are available as a pair. Each room visually-distinct and boasting its own separate sound system (which you may merge together as one or bring separate musical acts in each).

The Champagne Lounge was designed by world-renowned designer & Eris partner Polina Buckley and offers a comfortable space for your guests before and between seeing your performers in the next room.

The Champagne Lounge

The Champagne Lounge is connected to The Techno Lounge via a hallway with visionary art, allowing your guests to feel the transformation of energy from the chill lounge to the dark music space.


Finally, The Techno Lounge offers a Berlin nightclub feel. A second four-point Funktion One sound system, including speakers saved from New York's legendary Output nightclub, offer an epic experience for bass-heavy electronic music genres. Like the main stage, The Techno Lounge comes fully equipped with top-tier DJ equipment and a customizable lighting system.

The Techno Lounge

Floor Plan

Please find our floor plan below for reference. For scale, our Main Floor is approximately 100' x 23', and our lower level runs approximately 125'.

Floor Plan

Main Floor
(1) Entrance & Gallery (11' ceilings)
(2) Upstairs Bar Area
(3) Bathrooms (Two, ADA Accessible)
(4) Main Area (Dance Floor or Seating, 14'
(5) Stage (11' ceilings)
(6) Green Room (available on advance request only)
The Champagne & Techno Lounges
(7) The Champagne Lounge
(8) Bathrooms (Two, Non-Accessible)
(9) Downstairs Bar Area
(10) The Techno Lair (Dance Floor)

Technical Specifications

Main Floor
The Champagne Lounge
The Techno Lounge
  • Funktion One 4-point setup directed at main area using Resolution 1.5 speakers for high/mid and F215s as subs.
  • DJ monitors are F1201s mounted from ceiling.
  • Fill provided in gallery and bar area by F81s and F55s.
  • Floor monitors are available for live sound: 3 x Turbosound TFX122M-AN.
  • Guitar/bass amps (& drum kit!) available on request.
  • Turbosound all-digital 4-point setup positioned for whole room listening using iQ10 speakers for high/mid and an iQ15B sub.
  • DJ monitors are iQ8s.
  • Funktion One 4-point setup directed at main area using Resolution 1.5TT speakers (front) and F88s (back) for high/mid, BR121s as subs, and Infrabass subbass. This legacy equipment powered the mezzanine at the late Output nightclub.
  • DJ monitors are F101s.
  • If your show is more bass-heavy than the average house music track, this is the room you want to play in.
DJ Equipment:
  • Pioneer DJM-900NXS
  • 3 x Pioneer CDJ-2000NXS
  • 2 x Technics SL-1200mk3 (on request, please provide 1 week notice & bring needles)
DJ Equipment:
  • Pioneer DJM-250
  • 2 x Pioneer CDJ-900NXS
DJ Equipment:
  • Pioneer DJM-900NXS2
  • 2 x Pioneer CDJ-3000
  • 2 x Digital Wireless SM-58
  • 1 x Wired SM-58
  • Assorted Instrument Mics
  • 1 x Wired SM-58
  • 1 x Wired SM-58
House Mixer:
  • Behringer X32. 24 send channels of snake runs from stage to the house mixer on main floor; other rooms must use sub-boards to provide more than 1 stereo send. Live bands must book Eris sound engineer; not required for DJ sets.
  • Sound can be routed from any room to any room.

Please note:
  • Equipment may not be moved between rooms.
  • These specifications are typical, not guaranteed. If you are absolutely in need of a particular piece of equipment, please specify at booking.
  • Bring-your-own speakers (except instrument monitors/amps), lasers, and fog/haze are prohibited. BYO DJ equipment is permitted but please mind space constraints and ask if bringing bulky equipment.

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