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Saturday, December 8, 2018
7:00 pm - 10:00 pm

Galatea Stone Presents | We Are Legion: A Coming Out Party

When Galatea was a little girl, she was raised in a deeply conservative, religious family and environment. She was taught that the Bible condemns queer people to hell, and that they are an abomination before the Lord.

In spite of this fire & brimstone teaching, in college, I (Galatea) realized that I liked girls just as much as I liked boys, and I spent years trying to reconcile this version of myself with the faith I was raised in.

But now, the lies are over. For Christmas this year, I am coming out to my family as a bisexual queer femme. And, although I know that they and the church condemn people like me, I cannot, and will not, lie about who and what I am anymore. I am ready to live my life out loud. I am queer, I am here, and I am done hiding.

In honor of this terrifying decision, I am throwing a super fancy, gay as fuck coming out party. We're going all out. We will be serving oysters on the half shell, imported from the town I call home (Welfleet, MA), and we will be serving champagne all night.

Let's celebrate living our best lives. Let's celebrate life, and love, and our queer friends and allies. Family is rough stuff, and not every family their queer relations. So let's be our own family this holiday season, and throw down a perfectly queer storm of glittering magic!

After the show, stick around for Eris' monthly trance party, Eris | Revolution 6th Anniversary ft. Nifra!!! Amazing DJs, beautiful 3D visuals, body painting and more. Celebrate six years of art and love with us, and dance all night long!


Crimson Kitty
JJ Sparks
Clarq Coquette
Countess Eden
Velvet Kensington
Cypress Thrills

Kitten/Gogo Extraordinaire:
Zee Valenteen

Your host:
Galatea Stone

Sound by:


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