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7:00 pm - 10:00 pm
Galatea Stone Presents | We Are Legion: The Producers

One of the best things about New York burlesque is how extensive and varied it is. There is something for everyone, be it a geeky sendup to a beloved TV series, a gritty political protest, or a glittering classic show to take your breath away.

Since producers are very busy making their own magic, it's very rare to see them all in one place; for one night only, we've managed to get them together for the all producers revue! Come and see the people who make this industry tick, as they show off the things that make each of their shows so special and unique.

When we're done, please stick around for Eris' monthly trance party, Revolution! Amazing DJs, beautiful 3D visuals, body painting and more. Celebrate life and love and art with us, and dance all night long!


Lucy Buttons
Miss Frankie Eleanor
MF Akynos
Viktor Devonne
Velvetina Taylor
Betty Brash
Stella Nova

Stage Manager/Gogo:
Galatea Stone

Your host:
Shelly Watson

Sound by:

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