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Saturday, March 16, 2019
10:00 pm - Close

Revolution: Turn Up The Bass ft. Arctic Moon

Revolution is Eris' monthly progressive & trance event. The second Saturday of every month shall be dedicated to local artists with both deep and uplifting sounds as well as international guests.

This next edition is special because we will be literally and permanently turning up the bass at Eris. Our Brooklyn venue opened 6 months ago with a beautiful 4-point Funktion One sound system that we had to carefully limit to respect our neighbors. Well, we bought out our nearest neighbor's lease, completed additional soundproofing, and expanded our system, and we look forward to playing it a bit louder for you for the first time. We've flown in Arctic Moon to assist. :)

* Arctic Moon [ FSOE | Armada | Omega ]
* Gelfman & Thirkins
* Dax&Atragun
* Affection [ Eris ]

Art details to follow soon.

Presales: $10 / $15 / $20, Door $25 until sold out. 2-for-1 drinks until 11 PM. 21+.

$0.00 fee $0.00 fee Not Avail