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Eris is Fully Re-Opened. The Patriarchy is forcing us to check vaxx cards. But, if you are not vaccinated and have a medical or religious reason for that, please let our door person know and we will accommodate you.

To the "Covid Carens" or "Covid Chads" who have apparently been so triggered by our willingness to make such accommodations that they've complained about our policy to the city, please note that the NYC Commission on Human Rights has made clear that the Mayor's order does not supercede our duty to accommodate under the NYC Human Rights Law. Shame on you for trying to exclude people on the basis of a disability or religious belief.






Welcome to Eris!

Eris is a 5,000 sq. ft. restuarant, art, music, and performance event space in Williamsburg, Brooklyn -- now with full kitchen!

Our Values

We're here to support the artists and the community, and not just with words. We have a $15/hr. minimum wage for anyone who works within our doors, whether painting a mural or cleaning the floors. We host semi-annual art grants to fund projects by New York City artists. And we've built an inclusive space that provides a platform for humans of all walks of life.

Be A Part of Eris

Check our event calendar for what's coming up. Create an event of your own -- send us a note with what you'd like to produce. Or tell us about your art that you'd like to hang on the wall (and sell!) in our low-commission art gallery.